It has taken over 60 years for me to intellectually understand that to be an artist is not a "job" but a way of living. Similar to breathing, it involuntarily keeps my soul alive. My body of work primarily consists of animals because our natural affinity towards them can elevate the most profound feelings inside us. Animals can launch the heart in many directions.

Recently I have re-discovered the joy of abstracts.  They offer me the opportunity to be 100% experimental and inspirational.  Abstracts can lead the viewer into a realm of discovery and interpretation as the painting speaks to them. I have a difficult time "naming" them because I don't want to take the lead in interpreting the viewer's vision.


For me, even a simple, single idea is enough to get me started.  Then my heart, mind and passion take over.  My paintings today express my feelings towards the subject matter.  Each time I start a new piece of work I go at it like my best painting hasn't happened yet...

Information on pricing for a pet portrait.

Squares and rectangles in any size are available. Acrylics are painted on Museum wrapped canvas with painted sides.  Watercolor and pastel are on paper supports.  Watercolor portraits are created on 300lb. paper and pastels on suede board or sanded pastel paper. 

Here is how to calculate your soon to be favorite painting. I price my commissions on the surface area of the painting in square inches.

1. Multiply width by length to arrive at the total square inches.
2. Multiply the area total by $3..50 per square inch. That is three dollars and fifty cents US

3. Example: An 11" x 14" painting is a total of 154 inches. Multiply 154 inches by $3.50 and you have the price of $539.00 US